108 Tech clients are cutting edge organizations leading the way in sustainable development, renewable energy, climate action, zero waste, organic agriculture and healthy lifestyles. With solid working knowledge of these topics and utilizing readily available Open Source and SAAS web tools, 108 Tech expedites concept to implementation timelines.

Web Deployment

108 Tech offers consulting and contracting services including Internet portals, social networks, email marketing and web development services. 108 Tech websites are search engine friendly, fast loading and have clear navigation. Standard Drupal and WordPress deployments are highly scalable Content Management Systems.

Content Management Systems (CMS) like Drupal and WordPress support powerful features including blogs, image galleries, polls and surveys and both are open source software so there are NO licensing fees. These systems are user friendly with lots of themes to choose from, built to meet web standards, rank well with search engines (SEO), and are community supported under constant development with new features (plug-ins) being offered all the time.

Community Development

108 Tech can assist in your community development strategy.

Event Production

108 Tech is experienced at bringing people together in comfortable, productive environments delivering high value, low cost events.